BEVs 2016 to 2017 review

BEV = Full electric vehicles.

260+ units at the end of 2016 vs 550+ units at the end of 2017

2017 brought to Romania one of the biggest incentives in Europe on buying new BEVs. 45,000 lei (~ 10,000 eur) is the amount received by one appliant, from the state budget, through the Rabla Plus ticket in 2017 on buying a new 100% electric vehicle - 2 times bigger than 2016 incentive.

This increase in incentives has surprised car dealers who have NOT supplied enough BEVs so that demand exceeded the offer.

No matter that at the end of Rabla Plus 2017 there were accepted over 230 dossiers and over 800 incentives tickets were released - not all of them were used because there aren't enough cars. To help the procedure AFM proposed new rules on Rabla Plus buying system, 2017 tickets do not expire at the end of the year but in 180 days from order.

In the past 3 years in Romania the growth of BEVs have exeeced 100% per year. Now with over 150 charging stations countrywide and almost 20 fast chargers on the main cross country routes the electric vehicle is a real option.
The confidence of the Romanians in electric vehicles is growing. More and more Romanians want to buy electric vehicles and imports of such cars have increased by 200% in recent years.

Romania has more than 2500 hybrid electric vehicles and in the regional context between neighboring countries Romania is on a lower threshold in terms of the number of electric propulsion vehicles. Easily and surely Romania recovers with the help of the rabla plus incentives but also outside it.

All of this and more were found at EV 2017 - Electric Vehicles Conference and Expo organized by AVER on 3-4 October.

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