Senate: electric taxis in 2020. The state engaged to have 20% green cars.

Senate adopted on Tuesday a law on the promotion of green transport, which requires taxi companies and all companies that provide public transport in cities that 30% of all the cars they buy from 2020 have engines powered by natural gas, hydrogen or electricity. AVER dosen't share the same opinion that natural gas fueled engines are included in a green transportation system.

The law also requires all public authorities in Romania, at central and local level (Parliament, Government, Municipalities, Police, etc) as the next car they buy at least 20% to be electric. The initiators - 6 National Liberals and Social-Democrats senators - propose this project to reduce pollution in urban environments, reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel and promote new technologies in transport. The law bill goes to the Chamber of Deputies, as a decisional chamber in this case.

Full provisions of the law:
Article 1 - The local public authorities, autonomous administrations and companies subordinated to administrative-territorial units will be purchased by means of passenger transport operated electric propulsion engines, the type of green technologies Electric, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Hydrogen (FCV) propulsion engines to compressed natural gas engines powered by liquefied natural gas and biogas engines powered a rate of at least 30% of its future acquisitions. The percentage will be calculated on the total number of vehicles purchased within a year.
Article 2 - The provisions apply in the case of school transport
Article 3 - the private companies providing public transport services and local metropolitan or within an intercommunity development associations, including taxi companies, they may purchase starting from 2020 - a transportation travel fleet driven by motors with electric propulsion technologies green type as Electric, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Hydrogen (FCV) propulsion engines on compressed natural gas, propulsion engines on liquefied natural gas and biogas engines - at a buy rate of 30% of its future acquisitions.
Article 4 - The annual vehicle purchases made ​​by public authorities to serve their fleet must consist of at least 20% of cars powered by green technology type Electric, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Hydrogen (FCV).
Article 5 - The provisions of this law shall apply starting with the year following the entry into force of this law.

This is a wrong law concept in AVER's opinion because the state should provide help for private sector before makeing demands.

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