Longer Range 100 kWH Battery (P100D).

Tesla Motors next step for the battery capacity size in its premium offerings could be 100 kWh – or P100D for the Model S and Model X. It’s not official yet, but hacker Jason Hughes found and decoded the sign “P100D” in Tesla 7.1 firmware. It means that Tesla secured the number for future battery pack, which could be introduced at some point in the near future.


“By analyzing a series of alphanumeric characters found embedded within Tesla’s most recent firmware 7.1, Hughes was able to find a cryptographic message that would ultimately reveal that Tesla had a “P100D” in mind.” “The community at TMC (Tesla Motors Club – in this thread from February 28th) quickly went to work to decrypt Hughes message. LuckyLuke of The Netherlands validated the SHA-256 encrypted message as reading “P100D”.

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