OMV Petrom first DC fast charging installed

Electrica and OMV Petrom inaugurated on Thursday, the first fast-charging station for electric cars in an OMV gas station. The station, installed in Aerogării OMV gas station is part of a pilot project that will install charging points for electric cars in Bucuresti rapidly in four OMV filling stations and at the headquarters of the two companies. Price for 1kWh of charging is 1 Leu (0.25 Eur/KW).

This type of fast charger is the most advanced in the market (ABB). It allows loading a vehicle 100% to 80% of battery capacity in about 20 minutes. On a normal outlet loading would make in 6-7 hours, "said Romiro Angelescu, Sales Director of Electrica.
He added that the investment only in the charging station amounts to 30,000 euros, but in addition it is needed investment in energy infrastructure redesign but also in obtaining licensing approvals. The final costs will be disclosed only after the whole project will be implemented .
We are where we share only costs and no earnings, because it is obvious that we are in paradigm in which vehicle users do not buy their vehicles because there is infrastructure, and those who could develop infrastructure for electric vehicles do not do that not enough cars, "he said Angelescu.

Adrian Nicolescu, retail manager at OMV Petrom, said that four of the six charging stations will be located in the stations of OMV Petrom and Aerogării boulevards Coposu and exit to the Sun Motorway and highway Bucharest-Pitesti. This type of charging station and hybrid vehicle batteries and it is hard to determine my price. Instead, the vehicles 100% electric a full can cost between 22 lei for batteries of 22 kW and 36 lei for the last type of battery that was installed on one side of autovehiculelel electric present in Romania, "explained Romiro Angelescu.

The current government wants citizens to hold over 100,000 electric cars

According to the Ministry of Environment, due to the "Car scrap Programme" (Rabla) the number of electric cars (PHEV and BEV) on the roads increased from 600 Romania, as were 2015 to 900 at the end of 2016. Regarding the composition of the power infrastructure were submitted to finance 40 projects for installing hundreds of new charging stations nationwide. At the beginning of 2016 data showed that on nationally level there were only 50 charging stations. Also, according to the Strategy of Government 2017 - 2020, the Government has proposed to encourage the auto industry, rather, the production of electric cars, but also to meet obligations under the EU program for financing gas stations for cars power will be extended so that, from 1 January 2020 Romania, to be functional at least 20,000 charging points installed in the network.

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