Renault Sells 100,000th Electric Vehicle.

On September 9th, 2016, Renault sold its 100,000th electric vehicle – the ZOE, which was ceremoniously handed over to a customer in Oslo, Norway. As a reward the owner of the 100,000th ZOE also received 100,000 free charging minutes!

In Europe, Renault holds a large 27% market share of BEV segment, while in France, that share exceeds a massive 50%. The first half of this year ended with about 15,000 sales (excluding the Twizy), which is a third more than year ago. In passing the 100,000 mark, Renault becomes the 6th automaker to cross that level.

Renault boasts the most comprehensive range of 100% electric cars on the market, enabling it to meet a variety of needs. The range is made up of the compact ZOE city car, the Kangoo ZE utility vehicle, the compact urban two-seater Twizy (and its utility version, the Twizy Cargo), and the stately saloon the RSM SM3 ZE (the best-selling electric vehicle in Korea). The ZOE, the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe, dominates the market for electric private cars with over 23% market share. The Kangoo ZE, the leading electric utility vehicle in Europe for the third year running, sets the benchmark for professionals and has won a number of tenders, including the French Post Office, and the French electricity provider ERDF in Norway. Lastly, with 17,000 models sold, the Twizy is the trailblazer for new ways to get around all over the world, and is extremely popular in car-sharing initiatives in both Europe and North America.

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