16 000 EV Buses in Shenzen

The city of Shenzen in China recently inaugurated the new fleet of over 16,000 of electric buses, giving up completely to the fossil-fuel-based.

Shenzhen authorities have built the necessary infrastructure to electric cars. Were prepared 510 loading stations and 8,000 poles on the streets. They can charge more than half of the fleet at the depo and every bus in race in two hours time. Taxis in the city will be fully electrified until 2020. 62.5% of the taxis are already electric.

The mega-city of Shenzhen has more than 12 million inhabitants. It is considered a Silicon Valley of China, home to many internet companies, start ups, as well as manufacturers of electric cars such as BYD. In 2009, he was elected alongside 12 other cities to be part of a pilot program for V2G.

In 2017, Shenzhen has provided grants worth $490 million for electric buses and loading facilities. The fleet of buses in Shenzhen is higher than the top 5 largest fleets in North America combined.

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