Romanian police receives a BMW i3.

Even if it is a pilot project developed by BMW together with Romania Bucharest Police project, which lasts only one month must highlight two extremely important issues. First, Bucharest in this way among large capitals, similar projects were carried out in other major cities in England, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and even the United States . It is a sign that the BMW that took the initiative of this collaboration, Romania counts. Then, more importantly, a public institution that is interested in electric engines is a big plus. OK, I saw fleets of electric and hybrid vehicles begin to take shape as the multinational companies in Romania, but we always talked of the private sector. When by the institution, the State embraces such green variants is quite clear that a sign and their necessary infrastructure will be considered and developed.

Therefore, the General Directorate of Bucharest Police has accepted the proposal of the Automobile Bavaria Group, as long as a month, police BMWi3 Bucharest to test a car. So, starting today, Bucharest residents and tourists emigration to the Romanian capital will be able to see the truck in the most important areas of Bucharest. The vehicle is an electric car with four seats, with a power of 170 hp with a range estimated at 200 km daily use, being provided with visual and audio systems, intended for traffic police. This experiment paves the way for modern mobility services geared towards sustainable and non-polluting policies

BMW i3 is an electric car that is characterized by a number of innovations in the automotive industry absolute, the LifeDrive architecture that distinguishes that combines an aluminum chassis with a body structure made of carbon fiber. All efforts in developing the BMW i3 pursued two main ways - a lightweight, for increased autonomy and care consistent in every detail, for a real car with minimal environmental impact, not only in terms of local emissions

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