Erste-BCR car sharing service eGO

BCR launches in Bucharest eGO, a car sharing service with electric cars.

20 BMW I3 all-electric cars will be available to customers of the Romanian Commercial Bank who have a contactless Mastercard issued by the bank. It is the only required condition and that card will also be used for unlocking and locking the machines. Obviously, as it is good for such a service, there is a dedicated mobile application, called BCR eGO ( already available on Android , coming soon on iOS), through which the car will be booked and the payment cost, the amount being debited directly from the card.

The cost is 12 lei for 30 minutes (BCR officials even made a calculation resulting in a cost of 1.6 lei per kilometer), with the first 30 minutes a little more expensive (23 lei) and an additional fee if the vehicle is left elsewhere than in the agreed areas. The rule tries to predict about any scenario of use, so things should go pretty well.

In the first phase, the fleet is made up of 20 BMW i3, the generation with a range of about 200 km. If things go well, this fleet is likely to expand. The intent of BCR is to reach 200 units, considered optimal for no customer to move more than 500 meters to find an available car. Who knows, maybe we will see the eGO service in other major cities of the country. However, as a large white ball, when BCR launched this service, BCR also installed some new charging points through Bucharest. Four in total (but will follow), and loading the vehicle during use draws some bonuses for the user.

AVER is very pleased to see this type of popularized car and car sharing services. There is a similar service in Romania, GetPony , which also has several electric vehicles in the fleet. It is a step forward towards the status of European capital. A status for which Bucharest still has much to fight.

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