Germany Launched New EV Incentives.

Germany finally launched the incentives to buy plug-in electric cars, which was first announced in late April.

Incentives went on-line on July 2, but with thankfully the government as also made them retroactive from May 18 for those who purchased in the meantime, so those consumers will now only need to fill out the proper paperwork.

Incentives includes (details):

  • subsidy of €4,000 for all-electric cars and €3,000 for plug-in hybrids
  • exemption from paying vehicle tax for ten years (previously five years)
  • reduced tax rate of 25 percent on electricity for charging electric cars at work by employees

    More details can be found on EAFO website Eligibility for the incentive is capped at 60,000 €.
    As everything has now become clear, this summer we should finally see much higher sales growth return in Germany, as the recent “transitional period” definitely had a negative impact over the past couple months.

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