EV Box now in Romania

The Romanian company Volt announced on Tuesday it has taken over the distribution for Romania of EV-Box products, one of the largest producers of electric power stations, with over 50,000 stations installed in more than 30 countries and 980 cities.

The company was bought in 2017 by the international Engie group, marking the recognition of EV-Box as the most innovative manufacturer in this field, which is in full swing.

"Whether you want to install in your own car park or to ship a fleet of 50 cars, or for public places with vandalism protection, we have the ideal solution. From single 3.7kW single-sockets to 2-sockets of 22kW each, which can be connected to each other and can be managed directly from the front of the computer, on the internet, to make your work easier and improve your control, "says Sacuiu Adrian, managing partner of Volt.

The Romanian electric car market is constantly growing. Between May and December 2017, grants were approved through the Rabla Plus program for the purchase of 689 electric cars and hybrid plug. If all of these cars were delivered by the end of the year, then the number of traded electric vehicles that will be charged at the outlet will be 4 times higher (412%) in 2017 compared to the previous year, with only 167 EVs through rabla plus.

Established in 2010 in the Netherlands, EV-Box soon became the only provider of public-loading infrastructure in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Monaco. Meanwhile, EV-Box has played an active role in creating and innovating smart charging and roaming charging infrastructure along with industry partners.

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