Free 2016 fast charging network - E-Charge.

Renovatio is a young and dynamic company, developed the passion for renewable energy and innovative technologies. E-Charge is the first service dedicated to all users of electric vehicles in Romania, based on fast charging solutions. The network will provide electric mobility in big cities and along the Pan-European corridors that cross our country.

Renovatio's first e-charge developer who wants to develop electric delivery infrastructure nationwide. Our plan includes the installation of 40 stations fast charger in the first year, 100 next year, following the 2020 to have 200 fast charge stations. Besides the fast charge stations, we plan to have over 400 stations normally charge. Right now finalize the top 10 fast charge stations and stations X normal charge. Once you have activated e-card charge Renovatio view online stations are free and which are occupied. You need the card?

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