Rabla Plus starting on 2 of May

Scrappage Rable Plus new 2017 incentives of 10 000 eur for BEVs.

Scrappage program, otherwise the expected program run by the Environment Fund Administration in 2017, could start on April 24 and scrappage program Plus, for the purchase of electric cars and plug-in hybrid, on May 2, announced Tuesday Daniel Constantin, former environment minister, at a conference of the balance sheet.

Funding for scrappage program is at the same level as last year. The novelty is that it begins much earlier. Last year it was released in June. We put into public debate since March 13 and is expected to be completed on April 24 during the public debate of 45 days. Theoretically should be of 24 April and anyone who want to apply can receive that ticket worth 6,500 lei, can have access to ecobonus of 1,500 and 2,500 lei, depending on the respective vehicle emissions "said Daniel Constantin. Referring to scrappage Plus, former Minister announced that ticket value, 45,000 lei, has doubled since 2016 and the total budget of the program, worth 45 million lei, enough to purchase 1,000 electric cars.

The program was launched for public debate and after 45 days will be available. This means that in early May, exactly on May 2, people can already apply. This program comes bundled with another measure, the release of grants for those who want to make electric charging stations, "said the former Minister of Environment.

In doing so, charging stations for electric cars program of incentives has a budget of 45 million lei, and the beneficiaries are administrative units, public institutions and legal platforms.

The Ministry of Environment has budgeted 80 million for purchase of buses electrrice and construction of charging stations for the cities of Bucharest (at least 28 buses and 28 charging stations), Brasov (minimum four buses and four charging stations) and Iasi (minimum eight buses and eight charging stations).

Whats New in Rabla Plus 2017

Rabla Plus will be of a multi representing strategy for a period of three years developed by the Environment Fund Administration who aims to help encourage the purchase of new electric cars which are becoming more efficient in terms of environmental impact.

According to the source, the scrapping premium is set at 6,500 lei and will be paid according to the amount of CO2 / km generated by the new vehicle powertrain .
Thus in 2017, the first granted for new vehicle whose propulsion system generates up to 130g CO2 / km. In 2018, the first will be paid for the new vehicle whose powertrain generates a maximum 120 g CO2 / km, and in 2019 was granted for vehicles that generate up to 110g CO2 / km.

The scrapping premium aplliants can add an Ecobonus. For a new vehicle equipped with propulsion system generates a maximum amount of emissions of 98g CO2 / km in mixed mode operation is given a Ecobonus worth 1,500 lei for 2017.
2018 granting a bonus of 1,500 lei to purchase a new vehicle that generate a maximum amount of emissions 96g CO2 / km in mixed mode operation.
In 2019, cars that generate a maximum amount of emissions of 95g CO2 / km in mixed mode operation will receive a Ecobonus worth 1,500 lei.
Ecobonus granted for vehicles with hybrid drive is 2,500 lei

Incentives of 10 000 eur

Scrapping premium and Ecobonus deducted by producer retail price including VAT of new car and scrapping premium may be added to ecoticket awarded under the program to promote road transport vehicles clean and efficient energy in conditions laid down in the guidelines of the two programs. In this case, accumulation Ecobonus is excluded.

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