From 2018, quadricycles become eligible in the Rabla Plus

The Ministry of the Environment has decided to include Rabla Plus and quadricycles - electric vehicles that are not classified as cars, as is the case with little Renault Twizy , which is a very interesting alternative to clean transport in crowded towns.

Which means that, starting in 2018, Twizy will become the most affordable electric vehicle (Rabla Plus program) due to the price of about 5,700-5,800 euros . Twizy will be eligible for eco-tactics, but up to a maximum of 50% of the car's sales price - which, with the included battery, amounts take the price to 11,500 euros.

"The "Rabla Plus" Program Guide has been modified to make it more accessible for Romanians wishing to purchase electric cars. Thus, it was published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 893 / 14.11.2017, Order no. 1364/2017 for the modification and completion of the Program Guide for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in transport by promoting clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles, 2017-2019, approved by the Order of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Environment, no. 660/2017. "

Faced with the requests received, a new category of vehicles financed by the Program was introduced, namely the electric quadricycles , which could be purchased from 1 January 2018. Also, in order to ensure an efficient use of the funds allocated to the financing of the entire Program, a maximum of 50% of the purchase price of electric vehicles has been introduced , taking into account the value of the eco-tactile, of approximately EUR 10,000 compared to the existing prices on the market .

Another change to the "Rabla Plus" program is the elimination of the deadline of 31 December until new purchase bills can be issued , taking into account the long time needed for manufacturers to deliver the vehicles. In this context, invoices will be issued within the 180-day validity period of registration forms for individuals and businesses, without the condition of delivery of motor vehicles until the end of the fiscal year.

News that is likely to arouse the particular interest of entrepreneurs who can use Twizy as a delivery vehicle or in car-sharing programs. But the authorities could become interested in the little Twizy, who can get into the auto gang of the gendarmerie or the local police.

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