Scrappage Plus starts. 5 milion for clean cars.

People who buy an electric car will recive from the state 20,000 lei, while those who purchase one electric-hybrid pay 5,000 lei less. In addition, those who scrap an old car have an additional reduction of 6,500 lei.

AFM - Environment Fund Administration announced last week that the program starts at the end of June and is dedicated to the purchase of electric and electric-hybrid cars. Its allocated 5 million lei, of which 3 million lei - for individuals and 2 million lei- for businesses.

How does Scrappage Plus works ?

Citizens interested to acquire a 100% electric car will receive from the state a ecotichet worth 20,000 lei (4600 eur), and those who want a hybrid electric car will pay for it with less than 5,000 lei (1100 eur). If you turn in a junk car or have such a vehicle to overturn - will receive an additional 6.500 lei (1500 eur).
Among the companies authorized to use Scrappage Plus program include Renault, Toyota, Porsche, Kia Automobile Bavaria, Autoklass and Tiriac Auto. Full List is available on the website AFM .

Who can access Scrappage Plus ?

Regarding who can access this program the conditions are minimal: any person domiciled or resident in Romania, does not have debt obligations of local government, it is the owner of a vehicle older of at least eight years and it wants to change it with one less pollutant. In addition to financing the purchase of vehicles, AFM has allocated 70 million lei for "infrastructure for road transport vehicles in terms of clean energy: recharging points for electric and hybrid electric vehicles." Guide Here For the scrappage PLUS amount allocated is 75 million, and, overall, the entire program scrappage Financials benefiting from an allocation of 220 million lei.

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