EVs market sales grow outside of Rabla Plus

More than 400 electric and hybrid cars bought in T1 of 2017. Rabla Plus lauches on May 2017.

Even though the Rabla and Rabla Plus programs have not yet become operational, the automotive market segment - electric and hybrid - continues to grow last year, recording a 1.7 share in the first three months of 2017 % Of the total market.

Thus, in the first three months of this year, over 40 electric and hybrid cars were purchased. BMW leads the top of the most traded 100% electric cars with 14 units, followed by Mercedes-Benz, 8 units, Audi, 6 units, Volkswagen, 4 units, Volvo, 3 units and Porsche, 2 units.

Toyota retains its leading position in the hybrid segment. From March 2016 to March 2017, the brand sold 328 units in Romania. Long range Lexus is ranked, 32 units, Kia, 3 units, Land Rover, one unit, Mercedes Benz, one unit, Ford, one unit.

Concerning the sale of "green" cars, year 2016 was marked by doubling the volumes, respectively 1,183 units compared to 496 units in 2015. It is also noted that the number of electric cars (BEV, EREV, PHEV) tripled (237%) compared to Year 217 (167 units in 2016, 46 units in 2015).

The scrapping premium provided in the Classic Rabla for cars older than 8 years is of 6,500 lei and is granted for the purchase of a new car that generates no more than 130 g CO2 / km. To this can be added an ecobonus of 1,700 lei , if the new car is hybrid, and an ecobonus of 1,000 lei , if the new car generates no more than 98 g CO2 / km.

Regarding the participation of the population in the Rabla Plus program, this is not conditional on the Rabla Classic and scrapping of a used vehicle. Thus, those who want to buy a pure electric car can benefit from an eco-ticket worth of 45,000 lei , and those who opt for a hybrid electric car with an eco-ticket worth of 20,000 lei .

Also, the two programs can be cumulated so that a person can benefit both from the eco-tickets awarded for the purchase of a pure electric / electric hybrid electric vehicle and from the CLASIC Rabla only if the customer carries and radiates a car older than 8 years.

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