Rabla 2016 on the break .

Program on reducing emissions of greenhouse gas emissions in transport by promoting road transport vehicles clean and efficient energy, known as the "Rabla Plus", failed to attract the attention of buyers individuals or legal persons. Although the program provides substantial support up to 6,000 euros for those who want to buy an 100% electric car, potential customers seem to have preferred the classic version of the program or to buy electric cars outside of it.

"The program is still ongoing. I can tell you that on the electric and hybrid cars have not generated a great interest of the population, and in a way is understandable. There isn't still a good infrastructure, then the purchase price is still quite high, despite the fact that we gave a grant very generous, one of the 3 in Europe. "said Environment Minister Cristian Pasca Palmer at the conference opening Salon Auto Bucharest.

In comparison to November 1 2015, by Rabla 2016 program were purchased 18 069 new vehicles, 17 583 by individuals and 486 by businesses.

Outside Rabla Plus 2016, electric car market is booming

According to the Automotive Manufacturers and Importers Association (APIA) in the period January-September 2016, the number of purchased electric cars reached 615 units, up nearly 130% from the same period last year.
Among the most sold brand electric car 100% from January to September, the first place is occupied by BMW (35 units), followed by Volkswagen (10 units), Mercedes-Benz and Volvo (by 9), Mitsubishi (6) Renault (3) and Porsche (2).

" Within the Program on reducing emissions of greenhouse gas emissions in transport by promoting road transport vehicles clean and efficient energy - Rabla Plus 2016 were acquired five electric cars by legal entities included in the program, "he said, for Green Report, Environment Fund Administration chairman Michael Moia.

This adage that the program budget should be employed until the end of the year and hopes that the government will take to continue the program in its current form or improved one.

According to the AFM, the amount allocated to finance the program "Scrappage Plus" - It is 5 million lei, of which 2 millions to for legal entities and 3 milions for individuals.

We remind you that RABLA PLUS 2016 is for buyers who want to choose a car that does not pollute and they benefit from two types of eco-vouchers: an eco-ticket 5,000 lei for buying a new car electric hybrid; and an eco-ticket 20,000 lei for new cars 100% electric. If a citizen has an old car for scrapped and wants to purchase a new car 100% electric or new electric hybrid, will receive financial support of about 6,000 euros at a maximum.

The procedure of obtaining the eco-tickets needs to be simplified.

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