Torqeedo Cruise R 10.0, electric boat with sporty performance.

Forget that I have not talked much about an electric engine in the event of marine boats, but those from Torqeedo offers us this chance 10.0 Cruise announcing R model, equipped with a 10kW motor, capable of generating an output comparable to a conventional engine of 20 horsepower. The novel is that the motor is placed below the water level in a housing of aluminum. You'd think the electricity and water do not make good match but that can look and maybe even better. This provides and the cooling in an extremely simple and effective.

Level of autonomy in a manner of how is your driving stile but the autonomy reaches over 60 kilometers, with a top speed of 10 km / h. But if we are going for sporting performance, we reach more than 30 km / h, but decreases the autonomy with 30 kilometers.

With a built-in GPS and a computer on board this vehicle provides all the information related to performances, especially autonomy, so that the user doesnt have any unpleasant surprises. In addition, via the dedicated TorcTrac, there is a continuous communication with a mobile device, you can collect a lot of data about the boat and its engine.

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