10 000 eur incentives for buying a new EV

Those who want to buy electric cars through the scrappage programe Rable Plus this year will receive a bonus of 10,000 euros, according to statements made by the new Deputy Prime Minister of Environment Minister, Mr. Daniel Constantin.

"Environment Fund wants to open a measure to support those who want to buy electric passenger car. Last year we had a sum of nearly 5,000 euros for those who wanted to buy an electric car. There was a large request, but steps have been taken forward. For 2017 we want to provide 10,000 euros for each electric vehicle purchased, " said Daniel Constantin.

He added that the budget for the purchase of electric cars will be sized for the purchase of 1,500 such vehicles.

"We are concerned that the package to come and charging stations to be available either incumbents or those who want to develop such charging stations. We have an issue here and those from ANRE (National Authority for Energy Regulation ) because the legislation is unclear and needs to be improved. We want to create a system, at least around large cities, where electric cars are becoming widely used, "added Environment Minister.

Daniel Constantin also said that the budget of the Environment Fund Administration (AFM), which provides funding and Scrappage Plus Scrappage Program will be approved in the next two weeks. The Ministry of Environment wants to provide local government funds to purchase electric buses.

Last year the number of electric cars (EVs, Erev, PHEV) tripled (237%) compared to 2015

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